What would you do if you were told that you'd never have to worry about routine expenses ever again? Perhaps you'd be able to pay off a loan or finally buy your dream car with your extra cash.

Is there a sweepstakes and contest out there that can help you reach these goals? Publishers Clearing House wants to make this a reality for you with its "Forever"* sweepstakes.

Other contests to enter to win money may give you one sum of cash to stretch over a period of time. However, the "Forever"* Prize ensures that you always have cash - specifically on a weekly basis. Unlike the various sweepstakes and contests for money out there, PCH will give you $5,000 each week of your life.

What's better than a weekly prize?

After hearing about the "Forever"* Prize being offered as one of PCH's online contest and sweepstakes opportunities, you may think that it can't get any better than a weekly payout, but it can! In addition to giving a winner $5,000 every week for their lifetime, after that, PCH will continue the weekly payments for a chosen loved one. This means that the winner has the opportunity to leave a legacy behind with one special person in his or her life. So if you're looking for contests to enter to win money, the "Forever"* prize sweepstakes is one with a prize that lasts not one, but two lifetimes.

Todd Sloane, Senior Vice President and member of the PCH Prize Patrol Elite, was published on the PCH blog to elaborate on the reasons behind this prize. Sloane noted that many people would enjoy a prize that could help them pay off their expenses and retire early. However, not all contests give winners enough money to support their future generations, which can be disheartening.

The goal of the "Forever"* sweepstakes is to ensure that this doesn't happen, which makes it drastically different from other contests out there. PCH makes it easy for individuals to enter this contest and give themselves a chance at nabbing this prize of two lifetimes.

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Could a "Forever"* prize help me?

Perhaps you're thinking to yourself, "I don't necessarily need $5,000 a week from an online contest and sweepstakes to be happy." Maybe you already have a tight grip on your finances and can handle your monthly expenses without a problem. However, this prize can help you in several more ways than you might think, unlike other sweepstakes and contests for money and prizes out there that only offer a small sum. Here are some of the things you can do with extra cash in your pocket each week.

  • Plan the vacation of your dreams.
  • Go back to college, or help one of your children enroll in a postsecondary institution.
  • Buy a new, reliable car.
  • Renovate a portion of your home.
  • Put extra money toward savings for the future.
  • Quit your job, or embark on a different career path.

Whether you think that you could put the money from an online contest and sweepstakes to good use or you simply want to provide for your family's future, there's no reason not to enter this contest. Even though you might not know what to do with the money just yet, you'll have time to think about it once you enter into the ring and wait for the winner to be announced.

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What exactly is PCH?

PCH has been in existence since 1953. While its past is rooted in the direct mail magazine industry, it's expanded its range of interests and influence in the world of sweepstakes. The first of many contests to enter to win money coordinated by PCH was offered in 1967, and since it was launched, it has drawn people in for decades. Individuals just like you enter PCH sweepstakes and contests for money to boost their chances of living a stress-free lifestyle. If you have loans to pay off or you simply want to leave a legacy for your kids, winning the "Forever"* Prize could help you achieve your goals.

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Meet some of our PCH Winners!

PCH Winner

John Wyllie of White City, Oregon after receiving a "Big Check" for $5,000 A Week "Forever"* from PCH.

PCH Winner

The PCH Prize Patrol, neighbors and friends gather around "Forever"* prize winner Michael Miller of Moro, Illinois.

PCH Winner

Doris Gray of South Orange, New Jersey after being surprised with a big win from Publishers Clearing House.